The head of Rolex in Italy has accused Matteo Renzi, Italy¡¯s prime minister, of gavinwatch sullying the watchmaker¡¯s reputation after he suggested that protesters and vandals in Milan were spoilt Rolex-wearing brats. In full page ads in major Italian newspapers on Wednesday, replica rolex Submariner Gianpaolo Marini demanded an apology from Renzi and interior minister Angelino Alfano after both politicians seized on a photograph published in newspapers over the weekend that purported to show one of the masked anti-Expo protesters who vandalised Milan on Friday wearing a Rolex. . ADVERTISING ¡°I have to express my profound regret and disappointment for the replica rolex daytona association implied by your words - that there is a link between window-breakers and the fact of wearing a Rolex watch on your wrist,¡± Marini wrote. He questioned the quality of the photograph and video, saying it was brietling Navitimer replica ¡°highly improbable¡± that the watch could be identified as a Rolex, much less an authentic Rolex. ¡°Unfortunately the echo of your words was extraordinarily vast and produced the unacceptable juxtaposition of the image of Rolex with the devastation of Milan and the universe of subversive violence,¡± Marini said. The photo of the supposed Rolex vandal was a convenient political symbol for Renzi and Alfano, who used the image to discredit the protests that erupted on the day of Expo¡¯s highly anticipated opening on Friday. Speaking in Bologna, Renzi thanked friends in his Democratic party for cleaning up Milan¡¯s streets while ¡°those with Rolexes were destroying the storefronts¡±. Alfano referred to the protesters as ¡° figli di papa¡± (rich kids, or brats) in hoods who were intent on destroying Milan. The protests were an embarrassing , though not an unexpected spectacle on Expo¡¯s opening day. Renzi had repeatedly hailed the opening of the world fair as a great moment of pride for Italy, but his statements were overshadowed by the disruptions caused by the protests, in which a number of cars were set on fire and masked demonstrators threw stones at police in riot gear, broke windows, and spray painted store fronts. Rolex did not apparently take offence earlier this year when the Swiss watchmaker was in the Italian news for an entirely different reason. A businessman, Stefano Perotti, was accused of giving the son of former cabinet minister Maurizio Lupi a Rolex as a gift. Lupi has not been accused of wrongdoing but Rolex, among other associations with parties accused of corruption, forced his resignation.
Understanding the attitudes and opinions of policy-makers is central to managing your legislative and regulatory environment.

Whether you need to track your reputation, gain early warning of unhelpful regulation, measure support for your proposals or test the effectiveness of campaign messages, it is vital to understand the views of policy makers.

ComRes conducts more research than any other agency among legislators. We maintain research panels of councillors, MPs, Peers, AMs in Wales, MSPs in Scotland and MLAs in Northern Ireland, as well as Brussels Influencers including MEPs and Commission officials. Each survey is representative of its audience and our consultants are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your research. To find out more about our legislative panels, please click here.

ComRes also conducts bespoke quantitative and qualitative research, with tailored methodologies to suit our individual clients’ needs. This includes depth interviews with elite audiences such as legislators and other policy makers both nationally and internationally. Qualitative interviews allow us to go beyond the headline numbers and understand why policy makers feel the way they do about the issues that are important to you.

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